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launch day.

Wow. So many nervous feelings running through my body as I publish Chasing Eden. Post a Facebook status, send a Tweet, Instagram a photo, send some texts…Here we go! I wish I knew how many phone calls, texts, face-to-face conversations, papers I’ve filled out, conversations with myself, prayers, and scratch pieces of paper I have been through to make this a reality. Probably a million. I wonder how many more I will have. Probably a million times infinity. I have been working and developing everything for this organization for the past month and today is the day to show the world. There was no epic start or party, just me at my desk in my room listening to some Paul Wright, drinking coffee and eating Samoas. It’s pretty quiet here, other than my dog snoring.

I can’t help but think…Is this how TOMS started? Was Blake just hanging out in his room, eating cookies and making things happen? I think about any organization or non-profit and I wonder if they got together with their friends at a local coffee shop to discuss vision and taxes. With that in mind, I wonder where this will go. I know God placed this dream in my heart and has been developing it in my brain. This is His plan and His idea. I am just hands and feet of the heart of God. No matter where Chasing Eden goes, big or small, the force behind this organization will be just that: to be the hands and feet of the heart of God. Nothing more and nothing less. He has asked us to take care of His people.

And that is what we will do.


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