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online monthly payments.

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We now have the option of online monthly payments! I will explain here how to set up your online monthly support through PayPal. Please note there is a small fee for using this online option. If you are sponsoring ONE child the fee is $1.50 ($38.50 total). If you are sponsoring TWO children the fee is $2.50 ($76.50 total). Please add these amounts to your donation. We apologize for this inconvenience. 

1. Create a PayPal account at www.paypal.com

2. Attach your debit or credit card to your PayPal (under profile, update/manage bank accounts) This usually takes a couple days because they make a deposit of a few cents and then withdraw it in order to confirm your account.

3. Click the Donate Today button at the top right of the www.chasingeden.org home page.

4. Sign in to your PayPal using your username and password.

5. If this is your monthly support for a child, enter the amount and check “Make this Recurring (Monthly)” You will receive a receipt from PayPal in your email.

THAT’S IT! PayPal also has an app for your phone if that makes things easier for you! I hope that helps you!

If you want to support monthly but you don’t want to sponsor a child, you can still use this service as a monthly donation or a one time donation.

Thank you again for your support.


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