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We want to launch something this month for the Christmas season and this is why…

Sometimes we don’t feel God moving. Sometimes we don’t see him at work in the world around us…and we wonder why. We go about our day. We take each task as it comes to us. We see our friends. We sleep. And we live this way on repeat day after day. We don’t set ourselves up to be a blessing to the people around us. We get so caught up in our own daily schedule that we miss each and every person around us.

So this is what we propose you do…

Buy a brand new jacket. One that you REALLY like. Pray over it every day and keep it in your car. Drive around your town with your eyes open, praying, and looking for someone who needs it. Maybe you need to take a new route to work, maybe the long way. Maybe you need to explore your downtown a bit and see if you can find someone. By doing this you are putting yourself in a position for God to speak to you and use you. Listen for his voice. Be a blessing. This is so so simple but you can really be a blessing this holiday season for someone. Stay with them for a bit. Talk to them. Let God lead your conversation. See if they need anything else. I can assure you that your heart will be overwhelmed by blessing.

God longs to speak to us and move through us but sometimes we don’t put ourselves in a position to be used by him. So set yourself up today. Go buy a jacket. A nice one. And keep your eyes and your heart open to the people around you. This is not so that you feel good about yourself and what YOU can do for someone else. This is about the Lord and what he has done for you. You have more than enough. This is about opening yourself up for God to move through you. This is about you doing something that may be difficult for you. You may want to just grab a jacket you already have, an old one that you don’t want anymore. No no. Go out and BUY and brand new one. I know it’s hard. But you can do it.

And we want to hear your stories! We want to hear how you were the hands and feet of God. From the simple stories to the profound stories, we want to hear YOUR experiences. Describe the jacket, the process you went through to buy it and give it, who you talk to, what you talk about, and the process in your own heart. We want to hear it all! Email us your stories to chasingedenintl@gmail.com.

We will publish the stories at the beginning of January. We won’t put any names. We just want to share incredible stories of God working all over and allow HIM to be glorified.

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