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Fundraising Ideas

• The Giving Tee Fundraiser! We have our Giving Tee that we are selling as a fundraiser for our Missionaries. Those who buy a Giving Tee can select for the proceeds to go to YOUR trip. So tell your friends and family, put it all over Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and get people to support you buy purchasing a tshirt. The tshirts are $20 (plus $5 for shipping and handling) and you make $20 per shirt! Check it out here: The Giving Tee

Toilet Paper Sale/Cracked Egg Fundraiser. Go door to door and sell toilet paper or crack an egg on your head for donations.

• Create a blog and set up a Pay Pal account. If you enjoy writing, share about your trip and your heart. You can update with verses, missions quotes, things that God is preparing in your heart as your trip approaches, and also give an online giving option through PayPal. I suggest the blog site www.tumblr.com

• Using your skills. If you can babysit, mow lawns, clean house, etc. Sell those services! Post a Facebook status that you are doing some spring cleaning to raise money for your mission trip. Make necklaces, wallets, scarves, headbands, paracord bracelets, etc.

• Sacrifice. Set aside so much money per pay check to go towards your trip. Cut out some of those coffee, QT, and fast food runs. Stretch yourself. Sacrifice.

• God will bless your hard work. Work hard. Do fundraisers and make sacrifices. You may think that raising that kind of money seems so out of reach, but you would be surprised at how much God blesses your hard work. But you have to DO something. Get out and try and God will supply the finances. I have never seen someone not be able to attend a trip because of finances.

• Support Letters 

  • Have donor’s make checks out to CHASING EDEN INTERNATIONAL and in subject line- “MISSION HAITI – NAME OF MISSIONARY”

    CHASING EDEN PO Box 271483 Fort Collins, CO 80527

  • Don’t use a font that is difficult to read
  • Keep the letter to one page in length. You can have a separate page for photos.
  • Bold important days, costs, etc.
  • Add a scripture that means something to you and relates to why you want to go
  • Sometimes it is good to include a picture of yourself. If you are sending this letter to family members and friends who live far away they may not be updated with you or remember what you look like. It adds a personal touch.
  • This isn’t a formal paper for school. You should still sound educated and like you know what you’re talking about but make it sound like you are talking to them. Don’t make them feel like you are writing a paper at them.
  • Add pictures of the country you’re going to and the people there; give them a visual of where you’re going.
  • Put statistics about the city and country you’re going to about the poverty or lack of Christians to help people understand why you are going.
  • Add the Facebook link for them to check updates: www.facebook.com/chasingedenintl


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