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Behavioral Expectations

These are the things we agree to in order to make each event a positive one:

1. Your adult leaders will respect you, so please be respectful of them.

2. Do not leave designated event areas without an approved adult leader.

3. No stealing. Be respectful of others’ property.

4. No fighting. Physical or verbal. No inappropriate, hurtful, or abusive language.

5. No alcohol, tobacco of any form, drugs (other than approved prescriptions), pornography, or weapons will be allowed. Note: Violation of any part of this rule will result in being sent home at individual’s expense without refund of event cost.

5. Observe all rules of participating facilities and businesses as described for each specific event.

6. No sexual contact of any kind, between any persons regardless of age or gender.

Breaking any rule will result in the loss of part or all of the privilege to participate in the event. 

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