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Packing List


-Remember to PACK LIGHT. You will be carrying your own bag.

-Bible, journal, pens, headphones (for during quiet time only)

-Haiti T-shirt (you will receive this prior to your trip)

-Enough clothes for the entire trip (there will not be an opportunity to wash clothes)

-Sleeping bag (the beds are bunk beds and are cot material pulled over the frames. Sheets will not fit over most of the beds in the room so bring a sleeping bag)

-Bug Spray containing DEET (40% is great)


-Water Bottle (You will have access to fill it up every day but you must provide your own bottle)



-Wet Wipes


-Electrolyte packets to add to water (this is important to keep from getting dehydrated. We don’t want anyone too sick to do ministry.)


-Flip Flops to wear around the dorm area; you don’t want to go barefoot.

-Garbage bag or zip locks for dirty and/or wet clothes

-Nice but casual clothes for church

-Tennis shoes

-Bathing suit (girls – one piece)

-Money for food/snacks/coffee in the Miami airport and for souvenirs in Haiti. All expenses (except souvenirs) are covered once you are in Haiti.

-Girls must wear long skirts or dresses (below the knee) for ministry sites. Shorts (mid thigh) are ok for play time with the children and for wearing around the base.


-Girls: Short shorts, halter tops, spaghetti strap or strapless tops, bikini bathing suits

-Torn, tight fitted, low cut or oversized baggy clothing

-Ipods, Expensive sunglasses, Laptops

-Hairdryers/flat irons

Don’t bring anything valuable. You are responsible for your items.

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