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the kingdom.

It’s time for me to get a little vulnerable with you all.

These last few months, my life has taken some unexpected…turns would be an understatement. We were coming to the end of our project with Chasing Eden International and I wasn’t sure how to communicate that to my friends, my family, all of the donors and supporters for Chasing Eden International. Long story short, the ministry we were serving in Haiti transitioned and started working with another ministry. We were so happy for them but our sponsorship of the CAD children had to come to an end. This was my heart, my dream. These kids at CAD orphanage were the reason I came back to Haiti over and over again. The kids at CAD are why I started Chasing Eden in the first place, to help them, to give them hope.

I guess I always knew it would end. CAD is run by the government which makes it so hard to keep track of the children and to make sure our money was going to truly help the children in the best way possible. Looking back, I know that we helped and made such a difference in the lives of those children and that our time there was God-given. There are other organizations there now who have continued to help support CAD. But God, why would you have us go there for only a short amount of time. And now what?

As for a quick detour into my personal life,

I took a job out in Fort Collins, Colorado. Moved my life from Tulsa, Oklahoma to pursue working with a wonderful start-up organization and to pursue professional snowboarding on the side (that second one is a bit of a joke). Colorado is my dream state. I love the great outdoors, the snow, the mountains, green food, and I don’t believe in too much exercise. It was a perfect fit, until it wasn’t. Just a short 6 months in, I found myself no longer working at this organization.

December 2014 rolls around and my two worlds, my personal life and my Chasing Eden life collide and it felt as if both were about to collapse.

So I prayed. And prayed. And prayed. And talked to friends and family. And prayed.

Believe it or not, that actually worked.

One of my board members introduced me to Kristie, founder of Kingdom Kids Homes. As I begin talking with her I learn that Kingdom Kids Homes has a mission to rescue orphaned and abandoned children and usher them into the Kingdom of God, raising them up to be the next generation of leaders to rise up and bring change to their nation. When I heard this my heart just leaped! I thought, “Yes, this is something that I want to be a part of! This is the heartbeat of God and this is the dream that He has put in my heart.” She went on to say that she wants to build small homes, room for about 16-25 children with a family environment. They will learn about Christ and be taught how to minister in their own country. The first home will be opened June of 2015…guess where…HAITI. Come to find out, she had a dream that these children would have sponsors but she didn’t know how to facilitate a child sponsorship program and asked if we would sponsor them. Of course, we agreed.

Only the Lord could have put this together.

As for my personal life,

I got a job as a Delta flight attendant. This will open up so many opportunities for ministry and allow me to devote more energy to Chasing Eden. This is such a God-given job for me and I can’t wait to begin. My training starts in March and I will have my wings by May.

I always thought I was a dreamer, a go-getter, I believed I could do anything. And there lies my problem. This past year I have learned more than ever that God has set in motion His plans and His purposes. Although the Lord uses those who have surrendered their heart and will to His call, His work is not conditional on our strength. With these changes happening in my life, my heart felt such a strange peace. My job and my dream seemed to be crumbling and my heart was still. Isaiah 26:3 “You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in you.”

Something happened to me the moment my feet touched Haitian soil 3 years ago The Lord reached down into my open heart and planted a seed. He showed me His heart for the nations and He stirred my heart for the lost, for the church, for the nations. He allowed me to feel a fraction of the heart break that He has for the people of this world, I couldn’t even stand and bear the weight. Every moment, His creation is on His heart. It is not about my personality or spunk, I am overwhelmed with the call of Christ. In moments of doubt and disbelief, He reached down and reminded me of His plans. This is not my life to live, this is not my failure or my success. The Lord will accomplish His plans. I get so set and I truly believe I see where He is going so I run full force until everything comes to a halt. I am reminded that He is in control and I most likely will be unaware of His next steps. It is the most beautiful journey.

As Believers, we have a part to play to bring others into the Kingdom of God. It looks a little different for everyone but the end goal is the same. The Lord recently put this goal and this message in my heart:

With the power of Christ in me, I want to encourage and empower believers to change the world by ministering the love of Christ and to providing for those in need. With the power of Christ in me, I want to raise up children all over the world through Chasing Eden International teaching them about Christ and how to effectively minster to and lead those in their own country. With the power of Christ in me, I want to invest in and partner with small organization with similar goals and values so they can make big changes in this world for the Kingdom of God. I truly believe the answer to the apathy in the Church is giving to the world and the answer to the worlds problems is Jesus Christ and His Church.

And so the journey continues…

Copyright © 2015 Rachel D. Fenimore All Rights Reserved

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  • Courtnay Lee says:

    Rach how amazingly beautiful are the difficult places God takes us and how He brings us out of them! Excited for what He has next in your life!

  • Carol,Speirs says:

    Thnx for the update on God’s amazing/puzzling/but perfect leading in your life, Rachel. It’s all about His glory, yes? Great to know that what He provides, He enables…will be praying that for you in this next ‘life chapter’. Prov. 4:18 is a strong confidence, “But the path of the just is as the shining light, that shineth more and more unto the perfect day’. Love from a fan~

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