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my place in this world.

I have shared the logistics of what we are doing in Haiti; the changes, the children, the finances and renovations. But now I want to share with you a piece of my heart, the why we are doing what we are doing. So if you want to get involved with Chasing Eden International and Kingdom Kids Homes, this is the heart and the team you are joining.

I received photos of these children a few days ago and I can’t even describe to you what my heart felt as I flipped through each photo and read their names and their stories. My heart was overwhelmed with joy as I felt the Lord say, “These are my precious children. Please take care of them for me.” The Lord has place 16 of His most precious babies in my hands to ensure they are loved, fed, educated, trained, and taught about how much Jesus loves each and every one of them. The God of this universe has allowed me to join His mission. He has given me a role in His Kingdom, what an honor, what a privilege, what a responsibility. I feel like each one of them are my very own. I love them with a love I cannot even begin to describe. I have never seen them or held them but I love them like I have never loved before. I know it is only by His grace that my heart is able to love like this. My prayer from the very first time my feet touched Haitian soil was “Lord, break my heart for what breaks yours.” It has been 3 years now since that day and my prayer has not changed. I want to feel what God feels for the nations, for the children. I want my heart to break. I want it to love with an indescribable love for the nations and He has answered that prayer time and time again. It was a dangerous prayer that I never would have dreamed would take me to this place, the place where I am today. With less than a month to go until we open the first home for these children, I am overwhelmed by His promises and His faithfulness. This is by no means by my strength but because of a simple yet dangerous prayer for God to use me and to break my heart for the nations. I didn’t ask for a non-profit or to help build a home for children. I simply asked for Him to take the body and the mind that He gave me, that He created and to use that how He sees fit. I was willing. It was that simple yet that complicated. I handed over my life, my dreams, my plans in exchange for His and it has been the greatest exchange I could have ever made. As I surrendered, He surrounded me by an incredible team of people and supporters who share His heart for the nations. I assure you that every single person who is a part of Chasing Eden International and Kingdom Kids Homes has experienced this exchanged of dreams and share in His heart for the nation of Haiti and for the world.

I want to encourage each of you in your walk with the Lord. He has a special role in His Kingdom for you. He can fill your heart with a passion and a love for people that you cannot even contain. He can give you dreams and visions for His Kingdom and it is absolutely incredible. Whatever you are doing today and wherever you are I encourage you to pray a dangerous prayer. Give up your life, your dreams. Pray that He show you His heart for His people. It may hurt. It may anger you. It may bring you to your knees in tears. It most likely will. It won’t be easy and it will require your entire being. But let me tell you with all of the certainty in my being that I would never take back the life I had before. I have not once wished for my selfish heart back. Let the Lord move your heart for the people that you are surrounded by every day, those in your office, in your home. Maybe the Lord has moved your heart for the nation of Haiti. Start here. Sponsor a child or a staff member. Start in your own community. You don’t have to go far to find hurting people. Pray that the Lord leads you to them and them to you. He answers prayers. Just be ready to respond in love. While you may be thinking that you are doing the world a favor, you quickly realize that your service was not just for the world but for your own soul as well. I have never felt more alive than when I am walking in the perfect plan that My Creator set aside just for me. You were hand crafted for a purpose and if you don’t wake up and come alive with purpose then chances are that God has something more for you.
This is no testament of what myself or any other member of Chasing Eden International or Kingdom Kids Homes has accomplished and we will be the first to admit that it is ONLY by the power and the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ Saviour and King. This is His hand, His will, His Spirit, His power, His Kingdom. Not our own. This is all for His fame and glory in the earth. I pray that through the homes built, through the children, the staff and every person who ever hears my name or Chasing Eden International or Kingdom Kids Homes that they hear the name of Jesus louder.

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