First Name: Oliviero
Last Name: Regis
Birthday: March 7, 2006
Age: 10 

Oliviero’s mother was attacked and raped by four different men and after this she became pregnant with Oliviero. His mother is unaware of who is his father. Oliviero and his mom have lived on the streets his whole life. About a year ago, Oliviero’s mom was with a man. He abused her and little Oliviero. He punched Oliviero hard enough to leave him blind in his left eye. Even though Oliviero and his mother may not know who his father is, we know that he has a Father God who loves little Oliviero very much.

Needed Sponsors


7 sponsors pledging $40 per month provides the $280 per month that we need to provide shelter, food, education, medical care, and to provide the staff to care for each child.