Join The Street Team 

What Is The Street Team?

The Chasing Eden Street Team raises support and awareness for Chasing Eden through social media, creating events, fundraisers, etc.

What Does The Street Team Do?

The Street Team will receive various tasks through text message.

  • Share the video that is on the Chasing Eden Facebook wall
  • Share a photo
  • Meet at __________ coffee shop and let’s brain storm!
  • Tweet @ChasingEdenIntl
  • Hashtag Chasing Eden (#ChasingEdenIntl)
  • Invite 10 friends to join the Facebook page
  • Instagram one of our photos
  • Let’s go to ____________ event in __________ city!
  • Encourage 1 person to donate or sponsor a child
  • Join Chasing Eden at ______ event and help run the table
  • And much more


Current Project 

News Updates 

my place in this world.

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I have shared the logistics of what we are doing in Haiti; the changes, the children, the finances and renovations. But now I want to share with you a piece…

the kingdom.

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It’s time for me to get a little vulnerable with you all. These last few months, my life has taken some unexpected…turns would be an understatement. We were coming to…

Payment Deadlines

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July 28th – $150 (non-refundable deposit) and online application submitted  September 1st – $650 in account (if outside of Tulsa, instead of $650 in account, must have plane ticket to MIA purchased and…